Battery Doubler


Increase your battery's autonomy


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What if we told you that you can make your battery to last at least a 50% more and you'll not notice it in your laptop performance? Dachshund Software has developed a program which can double your battery's autonomy.

Forget about buying that new battery, now you can enjoy your laptop for more time just installing this lite piece of software.

Battery Doubler turns off what you are not using and by that way it achieves to enlarge your battery life. Not only does it enlarge your battery's autonomy but it also recalibrate damaged batteries. When you have been using your battery for a long time and you don't care about the charging cycles, its performance becomes lower, but thanks to Battery Doubler you will be able to have it restored.

Finally, you will not have to configure anything because it is preconfigured and ready to run.

20 uses trial version

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